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Star Wars - anti cheese

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Mad Mike | 4609 Gwendolyn's Minion

I came by something pretty awesome a while ago: A way to watch the Star Wars prequels for free on youtube!


But maybe you never even liked the prequels? Then maybe these versions will change your mind. I actually did like them (I can even tolerate Jar Jar), and these versions made me like them even more.

So these are basically fan edits, but unlike most fan edits, it didn't zealously butcher the movie by removing every little thing that bothered the editor. What I like about these edits, aside from them being easy to access (no download required), is that they don't change that much!

Here's a short review:

The phantom menace anti-cheese edit is actually a REALLY good star wars movie in my opinion! I was surprised by how good it actually is when you take out the fart jokes and midiclorians BS. My favorite change is how the gungan city is completely removed, and how you wouldn't even notice it! I'll never watch another version of the Phantom Menace other than this one. If the movie was released like this, I honestly think that all the prequel hate would not exist.

As for the edits of episode 2 and 3. They are not quite as solid as the edit of episode 1, there where one or two times I could notice something was missing. But overall it's all great, the only real changes is making Anakin seem a little less like a whiny rapist. As well as remove cheesy dialouge like "in my point of view the jedi are evil!"

I do have gripes with them though, my main one being that he cut out most of Obi-wans emotional speech after he chopped Anakin up.

If you don't have time to watch them all, focus on episode 1. It's the one that improved the most in these edits, and is therefore the most interesting.

on Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:29 pm

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