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lordpyromon | 4789 Friendly Dragon Slayer

So I just got back from watching the Warcraft movie and I quite enjoyed it, as a casual fan who knows only the basics of the game lore I think the film's story follows the lore quite well. Although I found the divide between live action humans and animated Orcs slightly distracting which always made the switch between the human and Orc perspectives slightly jarring as I'd often suddenly forget that I was watching a live action movie! The props and costumes look nice but at times they border on cosplay quality, nice cosplay, but still cosplay. I really liked the Orc story and characters as they had a bit more tragedy with their characters, not to say that the humans didn't have hard times too (in fact just like the Canon of the games the Orcs win in the end, although not as devastating as in the games) it's just that I felt more sympathy for them and I see that as quite the accomplishment seeing as it takes quite a lot for me to feel sorrow for a massive hulking monster barbarian. All in all I think this film is worth checking out, except that they replaced the Night Elves with High Elves, taking out my main race of choice, how dare they!

on Sun Jun 12, 2016 12:35 am

Mad Mike | 4609 Gwendolyn's Minion

Haven't watched the movie yet (heard good things about it overall), and I only played Warcraft 3 and some WoW.

With that said, I'm pretty sure Night Elves would not make any sense in this movie. Weren't they first introduced in WC3, living on a entirely different continent from the Alliance?

on Tue Jun 14, 2016 11:58 pm

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