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What if Christianity never existed?

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What if Christianity never existed? Empty mini0013xx | 6489 Undaunted Member


Discuss. Argue. I'm bored. Let's do it.

on Mon Mar 03, 2014 2:45 am

What if Christianity never existed? Empty Mad Mike | 6389 Gwendolyn's Minion

Mad Mike
Sure, but I'm pretty tired right now so my writing may be sloppy

First of all, NO, technology would NOT be 1000 years ahead of what it is now if Christianity didn't exist. That's the argument you always hear from hardcore atheists, and it is in fact false and biased.

Christianity, or more specifically, Deism is what created modern science as we know it. Deism basically means that you believe in God, but also that he created the universe as a large machine or clockwork, and not just by snaping his fingers. That the universe is created with logic and laws. This sort of made people want to discover the "secrets" of God's design and pushed science forward.

People usually use Glileo Galilei as an example on how Christianity was "against" science, since he ended up in conflict with the Pope for claiming that the sun is fixed.

People forget the fact that the reason Galilei made his discoveries in the first place was out of love for God:
"I render infinite thanks to God for being so kind as to make me alone the first observer of marvels kept hidden in obscurity for all previous centuries"

And the only reason the Pope got mad at Galilei was because he considered him to be disrespectful and undermined his authority. The church in itself was not completely against the theory. Christianity specifically is very open to science since it's main focus is not to explain the universe (like with Zeus being the cause of thunder or Helios bringing the sun up), it's main focus is in explaining aspects of life etc

Point is, Christianty, philosophy or other religions is historically a main factor behind cultural and scientific advancement. Not the other way around. Of course there will sometimes be those Popes' that insist on the Earth NOT being fixed, but that's more a case of "haters gonna hate" Razz

Lets leave science and go more into the political stuff.

One thing I can think of is:
I believe that the Sasanian Empire (the last Persian empire) would not have fallen if Christianity, and therefore, Islam didn't exist. The arabs all lived separated in different tribes, it was Mohamed that united them through religion and then spread it through force, eventually conquering the Sasanian Empire.
(I don't really understand how Islam can be a religion of love if Mohamed himself spread it with violence. I'm cursious about what a well taught muslim will explain that, but it's off topic)

Byzantine empire is very interesting here aswell, can't know for but maybe they would have moved more into Europe to fill in the gap after the fall of West Rome. Europe would not have had the Chatholic Church to unite the people so maybe the Byzantines would have gained more control there?

on Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:05 pm

What if Christianity never existed? Empty 001 Contrite Mediation | 6570 The Floaty Green Dude

001 Contrite Mediation
I agree with Mike in that Europe would be much more divided if Christianity didn't exist. Every tribe/city-state would have their own religions and practices, and Europe could easily be conquered (but not easily held by) any invading army, Byzantine or otherwise.

on Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:16 am

What if Christianity never existed? Empty mini0013xx | 6489 Undaunted Member

Well Mike, that's pretty much what the video was talking about. The leading scientific leader in the world, if Christianity was never made, would have been exactly as it had been for a long time: China.

China has a long series and history of innovation, including creating the first credit cards and major banks, rocket launchers, hand grenades, etc. etc.

They also wouldn't have collapsed after the Qing dynasty - most notably because the British wouldn't have been developed enough to have that empire to take them over.

Many nations would either be invaded by Barbarians or turned into city states in Europe, many of which would also turn into empires and kingdoms, but would not hold much on the world. There were many kingdoms after the Roman empire, however they weren't that great - so to say.

Haha, I wonder how the world would be without the Roman empire. :PNo doubt 100% different.

Also, I think that the Byzantines - because they didn't have to deal with the Arabs (however the few Euro powers at the time and Germanic tribes were causing big problems) would fight the Persians for years and years to come. Like, more than they should have. They wouldn't have fallen as fast. Maybe the Ottomans would have never risen to power. Maybe the Mongols would have expanded further, even into Africa and Europe. Who knows.

on Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:46 am

What if Christianity never existed? Empty camycamera | 6516 Legendary Member

Christianity and Religion in general have almost always been the source of war in the past.

with a lack of Christianity, the world MAY have been a better place..... but, like the video said, people always find reasons to kill each other....

furthermore, government systems based on Christianity in the past would have been changed; hell, we could have gotten democracy way earlier if it wasn't for Christianity.

as for tech though, sure, we might have been behind in tech because of that stuff that Mike said... but hell, what if someone before emerges with the knowledge of science? we could be even further in tech; things could have gone in a different direction for all we know.

it is an interesting concept indeed.

on Tue Mar 04, 2014 4:28 am

What if Christianity never existed? Empty Wiltz | 4760 Joy Killer

Religion had it's place a while back when we needed a reason to be civil to one another, and that was the answer. I myself an atheist, so I am inclined to believe that religion is now out of use and if anything is causing more dividing of communities. So religion was pivotal to the start of civilisation and so we would probably still be a mess without it.

on Sat Mar 22, 2014 1:50 pm


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