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Kevow of Rice
Updates! February 19th 2014 ====================================

[Incoming!] A heavily revised version of chapters 1-5 have been updated! The revisions are wildly different from my past updates of the story, so you're going to have to reread from the beginning (Sorry!)

I am making a story that will be published monthly in an attempt to make a novel. I already have half of the story planned out on my story board and I'm looking to share and get feedback from everybody. Wish me luck!

NOTE! These posts are incomplete content, I will most likely edit them to create a more compelling story and use more of my developing skills to evolve my writing.

Characters 12/10:

Main Character

Agent Witt
General Mendez
Commander Skorwonski

Ethan Skowronski 2721
Goraxian Alliance

Sp v2

Locations 12/10:

Planet Conix
Aliea Territory
Altaria City
Sinisters Dimension
Tagnokon Crater
Southern White Rift

274- EVO. Perfection
300- Age of Fallen Gods
346- Civilization
700- Influential
1023- Mobility And Communications
1205- Influential
1600- Industrial Age
1800- Aurora Revolution
1932- First Conixium in space
1936- First Steps on Daino (moon)
2000- First Space Solar collectors
2173- First Faster then light travel
2243- Space Colonization
2379- Conix SC
2450- rebellion
2452- Rebellion and new Government
2722- Goraxian-Conix War
2725- Government Disband
2740- Dracion And TechNovia event
2741- Operation WhiteOut
2742- The Prototype
2742.1- Last Hope
2742.2- United

????- Return To Glory

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INVINCIBLE  Empty Kevow of Rice | 5076 Enshrined Member

Kevow of Rice
ACT 1- Lost Memories
01 - Leaving Chaos:

A black portal opened up in space by a raise of a finger. Three figures stood in front of it. They were dressed in gleaming cloaks with their ambiguous masks and long hands and fingers. Their tear and chard cloaks had left signs of a horrific battle and struggle. The first, Seeku, lifted his finger and fired out a beam into timespace. It left a mark on the rift of time as strange letters and markings started to amplify in green light making the three figures glow.
Karun was gently holding something. He went close to the portal. The situation was moot but he did not hesitate as he raised his arms and released a boy from his hold. The boy was asleep and slowly drifted through a dimensional hole. The darkness suddenly turned into a sea of stars as he was sent to the other side.
"May luck be with you on your revival." Seeku said concerned. "We need you..."
The boy illuminated a blue light and clothing appeared over him. He had put a spell on the boy to cause him permanent memory loss.
The energy portal drew near the end of its life as Seeku turned away and floated off towards a dying world. His planet was beginning to become unstable, lava and fire erupted from the crust and dispersed into the atmosphere. A feeling of dread and irony manifested within the beings. Knowing they just released the very thing they pledged to one day destroy. He was then again... Their only hope.
A sudden blast from a beam disintegrated Seeku's allies and his right arm was severed as he narrowly dodged it. The entity hovered towards Him in dismay. "Fool, I will get him back in time, he is the blood of chaos just as I and will destroy the world you sent him to." He glared at Seku and the being was split in two down straight from the head and set violently on fire. The being chuckled in amusement.
His finger stroked space and time. The portal stopped shrinking temporarily. “Kus Ec no Sei” The entity  recited a  curse which fired in the portal.
A small nova explosion wildly expanded on the other side which pushed the boy shooting him towards the new-found world. The effects of the explosion turned his hair white. luckily he was too far away from the explosion to be destroyed.
And soon, hope began. Ages later, the boy slowly opened his eyes.

* * *

300 hrs- Dainio (Moon)

Ekon squad had finished their routine mission to the moon and headed back on a drop-ship. A comet flew an unnatural trajectory.
The ship flew closer and cams focused on it while it trailed behind. It zoomed into the comet and found something interesting. It was a humanoid that appeared from nowhere. The squad leader immediately radioed into Conix Orbital Group to green light them so they could follow and find out what was happening. They flew at max speed towards its projected landing site.
The comet grew in size and edged closer to the city of Altaria which was built between the warm coast and lush jungles of the east. Less than a few people were startled by the zooming  comet that narrowly flew past a tall building and into the wilderness. It landed silently with no sound.  Moments later Conix Special Command (CSc3) quickly dispatched a security team to close off the jungle and have Eko squad investigate. They set up a perimeter around it and sent in two recon ships.
A hand rose from the smoking crater seconds after it crashed and a kid slowly pulled himself out of it. Breathing heavily he slowly got up coughing and gripped his right hand due to the impact that injured him. He looked seventeen with black eyes. He had short white hair, black pants, and a long slim black collared jacket. His body was unscathed by the impact except for a scar that ripped through his left cheek. Slowly he limped a few steps away before falling on to his knees slipping in and out of conscious.  He looked at his surroundings. It felt alien, unknown...
"I’m... I’m... Wait...”He whispered to himself "I- I don't remember anything... Why don't I remember anything?!”
His voice echoed through the night jungle that disturbed the inhabitants. 2 sky ships edged closer to him. He started to walk towards a tree in an attempt to hide. The Sky-Ships used its heat radars and pinpointed him easily. Its blinding headlights pointed at the boy as it flew by, weapons ready and on standby. Five Special Ops soldiers from Eko squad ziplined down and their guns dangerously aimed at him. They were equipped with strange weapons and suits according to him. Their visors flashed an eerie green as they edged closer. The first soldier got down in position and calibrated his aiming. And the rest followed in.
"Get down and put your hands up or we will fire!" One of them said vigorously.
He didn’t understand them at first, but at a sudden fill of knowledge he began to comprehend what they said. He did what they told getting on his knees and slowly raised his hand loosely in the air. His right arm still hurt.
One of them took out handcuffs from his back pocket that had a built in shock inside of it. The boy looked at It, somehow he knew it would of render him unconscious. And as the soldier neared closer to him he unlocked the handcuffs and, the boy stood up...
Quickly he took in a deep breath filling his lungs and cheeks, and out came a frightening roar of a thousand lions which sent a shock wave up against his chest plate smashing it and knocking the soldier thirty feet in the air like he was nothing but a rag-doll.
The others opened fire on him immediately.
"Take him down!" One of them said.
He ran across the forest evading the soldiers. The airships helped bu concentrating headlights light on his position. They easily cut off and surrounded him.
The shots stung his body and he backed up to the tree. It didn't hurt him as badly for some odd reason. Instinctively he held out his arm. A mechanism seemed to build over his forearm from the inside of himself. Charging up it forced out a circular energy shield that was the size of his body. This refracted and absorbed the shock of the oncoming bullets.
"What the hell is that?!" One of them remarked as they backed up. Finally it charged up glowing in the gauntlet.
A second passed and all of the sound in the vicinity was absorbed. It created a moment of silence right before a circular energy wave raced across the fields and knocked out the soldiers on their backs simultaneously. The wave continued to expand for another block, cutting down trees and shrubs in its path.  They boy stood still shocked.
"Eko team is down!" said one of the pilots on the COMs.
"Open fire!"
The ship on the right fired a heavy laser beam at him. Without warning he jumped high in the air leaving a sonic boom in his wake. He thrusts his arms up and with his 2 hands, split the blue beam in half, and sending it flying towards the ground with a huge explosion that etched the ground. He landed on his feet.
The other ship fired two armored missile pods at him. Again, he jumping up the air with immense force and kicked the first missile aside with a flip, using the explosion to push himself and grabbed the second one throwing it back at the ship. It incinerated and severed the right wing. It went out of control spinning out and away from him.
He landed, falling on his knees as he caught his breath. He put his hand on the ground looking at it. He Didn't know how, didn’t hesitate. But he had started to absorb the mass of the ground and surrounded himself with a tree like armor that grew and grew like a time-laps until he was encased inside a giant green monster of branches and trees. Ready to smash the second ship that was firing everything at him.
His giant hand lifted into position, but suddenly his mind started to go numb. He felt weak and suddenly everything was spinning out of control. The giant hand was an inch away from knocking out the ship but the hand froze in place, leaving it vulnerable. The ship fired more missile pods and it smashed the wood off of the giant as it burned. The left arm fell off and the branches surrounding him started to shrink. He collapsed and went into an unconscious state. The soldier that was blown away witnessed as the plant monster started to shrink until only his body was left. He was levitating with strange lines and marks on his face. His eyes had a green light flashing within. His hair was loosely pushed up by the wind that flowed up his body. His hands opened up and a beam of red light fired out of him like magnum and disappeared in the sky. The clouds up high were dispersed and It started raining. His eyes turned narrow.  He had finally collapsed
The soldier who was blown away got to him after he recovered and cuffed his hands. He spoke on the COMMs.
"Get me a rescue squad on the double! My squad is down, we lost a airship, and we have something dangerous on our hands!"
Two heavy loaders, black jet propulsion ships with 2 mounted heavy cannons landed near the crater. Troops rushed out to examine and bring back the boy. Scours were scurrying around looking for more evidence and possible witnesses. One scientist, Kayla Anithan walked onto the scene and examined him as he was loaded into the ships. The loaders were heavily armored and were a customized mobile flying laboratory. She took blood samples, cell, and did anything she could to further study him, to learn how to control or neutralize the threat.
     "ETA two minutes before we land!" the co-pilot informed.
      "Make sure to clear out the Tier 1 Security cell ready for him. I’ve found some interesting things.” She said.

02 - Containment:

"Xxxx hours have passed, we've encountered what seems to be a 17 year old boy, he was first observed coming in as a comet outside of Conix atmosphere. The boy landed and was able to get up with only minor injuries." Agent Medusa informed Witt and a few others as they were in the dark briefing room with a screen behind her displaying information.
"We dubbed him Subject 97 for now. His physical abilities are far superior to a normal conixium and he can build or absorb anything. He is a dangerous asset and we need to find out everything about him and what he wants."
She grabbed a data chip and tossed it to Witt "You're leading a modified interrogation with one of the Csc7 'worms' in an hour." She said disgusted. "Head out right now."
"Yes ma'am." Witt got up and walked out.
Skowronski spoke up "Csc7 people are just doing their jobs, it's essential to keep secrets."
"Well coming from a former Csc7 agent, that doesn't change anything." She said as she handed out other usb's to the others. "You all are on different missions this week and we have two hours to prepare and leave."

* * *

Commander Mendez and Agent Witt walked down the narrow bridge into the security room that was held over a vast endless hole. It was a suspended chamber held up by 3 hinges connected to several large chains that went in the ceiling. The only thing connecting to the room was a detachable circular platform around it and a connecting bridge that was held together in small segments.
"Subject 97 is held inside a suspended capsule room. If he tries anything, we will drop him 5 miles below the earth onto solid bedrock." Lt. Agent Witt said with confidence.
Mendez observed the room and spoke "If he escapes from this place I will authorize my soldiers to neutralize him. I can’t let something dangerous that would be able to withstand one of our top experimental weaponry escape. Besides, he can be a great advantage in our research."
"You have my word Sir." Witt said.
"I trust you Witt, don't let this be the first time you let me down." He turned.
"Get Cs7 intelligence in here and begin."
Mendez told one of the officers.
"Aye sir"
Witt walked towards the one-sided window, looking in at the kid on the bed. He scanned his body with the built in Scanners. His biology was identical to the average conixium civilian. But he was able to do so many rather impossible things. He starred in the window at him for several minutes.
"What are you?" He murmured.
Minutes later a man walked in with a black suit on. His name-tag read '3'.
"I'm here to monitor everything. Let’s get this started Agent Witt."
He opened a case revealing a laptop and several recording devices. Activating and bypassing security to gain access to the database.
"You may proceed and talk to him."
Witt deeply breathed, his right hand reached into his pocket and pulled out a locket. His deceased wife Tyanah... He did this every time he was about to start an important mission, and this time it was to find out what the hell is going on. "Lets hope this kid cooperates." He whispered.
He punched in a passcode. The door unlocked with a metal click as it slid open its air tight seal and he walked inside. The door closed behind him and the room was bare empty besides a bed, chair,and a tabletop. Its windows were bullet proof. The floor panels had a sturdy glass type with a view of the dark pit.
Witt sat down at the table. “I have a few questions for you... Would you like to sit down?” he calmly suggested.
"Look I didn't mean to hurt anyone; I was just trying to defend myself from the technology in the lock things one of the soldiers tried to put on me." He said stepping towards Witt with his hands cuffed behind his back.
"Calm down... We'll deal with that later." Witt said calmly.
"What do you want?" He overlooked the vast pit under the glass floor. And looked back at Witt.y
"Why am I here?" He questioned Witt, his eyes were looking somewhere else.
"You're here for the best interest of safety and secrecy. We've seen what you did to our soldiers. This is just to protect us until we know what we’re dealing with."
"And if I do anything wrong, you’re going to drop this thing, right? You’re going to kill me. Aren't you?" He said realizing it.
"We're here to cooperate and if you can do the same, nothing will go wrong. Just tell us, why are you here?"
The boy moved and stood there with a confused look.
"Just sit down. Talk to me." Witt suggested again.
"You can't help me!"  The boy cried out. “I don’t know what's going on!”
"What do you mean you don’t know what's going on?” Witt questioned.
"I... Just ended up here I guess..."
Witt stood up and walked closer to him and looked him in the eye, impatient. "Just tell me exactly what happened before you encountered our team."
The boy took a step back, looking away, hopelessly.
"Ok, where should I start?" He questioned.
"Anywhere, as long as it’s not nonsense you talk about."
The boy thought and then spoke his mind. "I woke up of no memory of myself. I was falling for some reason. Space was where I started out at. That night wasn't clear to me. That’s all I know."
Witt questioned him, "Do you know your own name?"
"When I said 'No memory' I meant no memory… But I feel like its J-Jay-Jacio-..."
“Jace?” Witt said
“W-Well…” The boy stuttered
“Fine, I’ll call you Jace.” Witt concluded. "Tell me this; those powers, how did you knew you had them if your memory was lost?
It was silent for a few moments. "I- It was my instincts I think." He Stuttered. "It just happened. I-I was just trying to defend myself and find some answers before I'd get captured. That was just what I processed. And look how'd that turned out." Jace looked away. "How did I even begin to speak this language..." He chuckled at his own question.
"Maybe you were able to speak it before you lost your memories." Witt thought.
"No... I felt like I have those powers since forever, but when I talked like this... It felt new..."
“... Well I'm sorry. I don't have any answers for you Jace, But what about the handcuffs? What tech are you talking about that are in them?"
"It was something that sends a controlled shock which renders the wearer unconscious." He said confused.
Witt looked at him with surprise. "How did you know? That technology has not been declassified to the public, and above that, your memory isn't much to fall back on." He stated looking suspiciously at him.
All Jace could do was stare at him and mummers "I don't know."
Witt sat there frustrated with Jace’s dead end answers. Suddenly a call came in from Witt's transmitter. He listened in, and turned it off.
"I have to go kid. We are currently looking into your body and how you were able to do what you did. We’ll have answers soon enough." He turned and walked to the door.
"Oh and I think you should at least try to give a better lie and backstory next time."
The boy stared out the window. "I wasn’t"
The cameras turned on and watched Jace's every move. All he did was lie down on his bed and stared in the ceiling. He was thinking of something. To find answers.
Witt walked into the Command center. Everyone was scrambling to communications, and trying to figure everything out.
"Reporting in commander" Witt said in front of the tactical Table. It showed multiple squads and armor surrounding an area marked in red.
Commander Jacob turned to Witt.
"Change of plans Witt, we're moving you back on the squad. We've gotten an unidentified enemy in the Aliea territory. It’s something that’s infecting everything. Reports say a meteorite landed in what is the Red-Zone currently and something strange is brewing. We're going to need you ready. Dr. Kayla will inform you of what to do." And he looked at her.
She took a step forward "Ok! Samples are already analyzed in our moble bases, but our recovery teams are pinned down by the enemy 2 clicks from the red zone. We need you to rescue them so we can come up with a cure quick! I've quickly assembled you a modified VAC suit so you don't catch the enemy’s cold."
"Looks like all kinds of -Cheesecake!- is falling from the skies today." Witt said. And started to head for the armory to prepare and dispatch.

* * *

008 hrs-
Location: Ground Zero, Aliea Territory

Witt peered out of the cockpit to witness a mass of chaos under him. The forest was on fire. Weird plants and purple trees grew all over the place. A strange dark pink fog blanketed the forest floor. He saw soldiers rushing and retreating, and tanks fired blindly into the red zone. He easily spotted the Recovery Team down below. They were in one hell of a mess. He slightly turned his ship to get in a closer view of where the recovery team was.
"Agent Sphinx, Medusa, Nature, check in." He radioed in. Three ships emerged from stealth mode and flew with Witt in formation. "We fly in and extract the team, simple as that." He said
Suddenly two flying objects appeared from below and started to tail the Helix Jets. One of them fired at Nature destroying his her entirely. "Break formation!" Witt said frantically and flew outwards.
The monsters were almost squid like but with eyes inside some sort of a jagged mouth on top of their heads. They were quick and fired several spike like missiles at his ships leaving a trail of gas. He evaded accordingly. "Siless, flairs are ready to fire!" Witt told his partner tracking the monsters movement. "I can't track if they're locking onto us or not, I'll have to manually for them." he said back. Witt swirled his jet up high, barrel rolling, and the monsters fired on him with one of their spikes, Siless fire off the flairs, but the seeking spike ignored the flairs and hit them from behind severely damaging the ship.
"-Cheesecake!-! Eject! Eject! He pressed the eject button "-Cheesecake!-! I'm -Cheesecake!- stuck! -Cheesecake!-!" Siluess screamed. But the explosion got him before he could try to manually jump out.
Witt glided down on top of the trees with his parachute. His suit had taken a hit with 97% durability remaining. "Medusa, Sphinx, Nature is KIA and I've lost my ship, can you shake them?" Witt radioed
"I don't think we ca-..." A monster similar to the other two bluntly flew up and grabbed Medusa's ship and wrapped its tentacles around the cockpit and bring them down with its sheer power. "We can't eject! Repeat, we can't eject!" Medusa said. After that, there was only radio silence.
“Medusa! Are you still there? Medusa!” Witt tried to contact them, but it was too late.
Sphinx was shot and two people ejected only to meet their faith with the two monsters that grabbed them mid air and crushed them in their tentacles until they were nothing but blood and gore.
"God dammit!... I guess I’m alone on this one..." He got down to the ground and clicked off the safety of his rifle, steadily head towards the Recovery team, Neo Squad.
03 - The wilderness:

Jace looked around the room. The surveillance cameras followed his every move. He somehow he had to get away unnoticed. Or, he thought. He could just bust his way out and disappear somewhere. Last night, he could sense everyone’s talking. Whether it was the city next to him or the people in the sky ships, he could hear it all. He knew he was special and had undiscovered powers like last night’s encounter.
An idea popped up and he started to concentrate on his hearing. The voices grew. He tried to detect where the exit was. It was in a hanger to the right of the bridge. But security was beefed up since last night when he was taken here. "Wait...” He said. He tuned into the Command center where he had found something interesting. Aliea territory, it was being attacked by some foreign alien. It came from a meteorite the same way he did.
Looks like I have a lead, he thought.
With that in mind, he thought of what he was. He was something that had the ability to do three things. First, everything that everyone else can do but to an unnatural extent such as strength, speed, and intelligence. Two, he could move a set amount of mass willingly to create the object or thing with that type of material, like how soil is decayed plant mass that he reconstructed through his very mind. Three, he had the ability to copy and recreate things that he 'only' physically sees but also has an exception of muscle memory for creating certain objects that he never witnessed. That’s all he could build off of to help him survive. His mind ran over every detail. Trying to create something out of fiction but couldn’t do.
"Easy enough" Jace said. He split the cuffs in half. and for his pillow he touched it and compressed its mass into a tiny sphere before throwing it into the door where it knocked it down and he went outside of the holding chamber. The alarm went off and the bridge started to disconnect small segments of itself falling into the abyss. The chamber started to disconnect also from the top ceiling as it fell to the right with no support. "One chance to make it!" He said. And started to sprint to the outer ring where he jumped with enough momentum to push back the chamber as it swung like a pendulum and landed to the other side just as the last part of the bridge collapsed.
It was a close call, but he wasn't done yet. He walked out of the door and two chain-guns mounted on the walls fired at him. He dodged to the right, pointed out his arms, and they turned into platinum swords and punctured the barrels of the guns disabling them.
He got up and began a search for a way out. Looking through room for room and eying for clues like a map or something useful in the facility. The guards started to look for him and he could hear their heavy boots stomping on the ground.
"-Cheesecake!-!" He said. He started to think and hid in a locker.
"Don't let him escape!" He heard.
And as doors were being opened forcefully, finally one of the guards opened up where Jace was hiding. He then kicked the guard out of the way making him fire blindly as he fell on the floor. The others aimed and fired but we're no match for his speed and agility as he jumped out, onto the floor and ran through cover to cover of the cabinets and furniture. He then slid across the floor and knocked one of them down. He took his gun and fired at the other guard’s feet. Getting up, he grabbed one of the radios on the guard and headed out through the halls and soon the doors started to close quickly in an attempt to close him in.
He raced down the long hallway with red blinking lights indicating a lockdown, until the last door was halfway down. 'Nothing left but to slide.' He thought and that’s just what he did. He put his hand behind him. his hands on its own suddenly heated up igniting the air and fire spewed out. It pushed him faster through the floor. The door closed down and his slide made a complete stopped... He was stuck as the door was closed and partially bent over his hand.
He had found his way to the hanger but couldn't move his arm. A Centaur tank moved in from a distant and aimed at him careful not to miss. It fired on him with a shell the size of a small dog. His free right arm transformed into a futuristic metal gauntlet with integrated wires running around the outer shell, a small surge of energy was produced within it and he caught the bullet, it slightly pushing his arm back and he threw it flawlessly back into the barrel of the tank at an amazing velocity and destroying the firing mechanism. "Aw -Cheesecake!- that was amazing!" He said fueled with adrenaline.
His right arm grabbed the door and he started lifting the solid metal door and his hand got free unscathed.  Looking around he noticed all the tanks, cars, and ships were moved aside. Three fighters hovered outside with their guns pointed at him with a line of marines pouring out of the door and set up covers and barricades to shoot him down. Jace looked around. He put his hand around the metal floor and the alloy molded around his body like liquid and hardened. He created the mechanism that powered on the blue shield from before. This time he felt that he could control its power to only stagger the enemies and not internally hurt them.
"Come on! I’m not going down." He yelled. Jace's speed raised from 0 to 100mph in a split second knocking the marines aside that fired aimlessly. He dodged each bullet with precision and jumped up onto the right jet. The metal disassembled from his body and onto his hands, two giant shurikens were formed and he tossed them in a spiral that cut through the missiles that fire at him and severed one of each wings of the left fighter.
The right pilot looked up and Jace tore away at the glass and grabbed the defenseless guy. "Sorry about this, but I'm going to take this!" and threw him out with his parachute.
He got in and looked at the controls blankly. "Ok, ok, easy does it." And he processed the controls with his mind and then grabbed the two handles. The ship swayed right and left. Accidentally he pressed something that made it turn off the hovering part of the craft and it started to fall towards the ocean water. The propulsion system turned on and started to accelerate forward. It started to exit the hangar and flew outside.
" Looks like my beginner’s luck flying something for the first time."
He found himself flying out into the ocean as the hangar was built into a cliff. His fortune didn't fare well as a sudden blast formed from straight out of the the sky with a high pitch noise rained down and penetratedthe middle of the ship and continued through it into the waters.
Up above him was a heavy mobile command base that was stationed there moments after the alarms went off to make sure he wouldn't escape. It had mounted an arsenal of weapons and ships that were headed his way.
Commander  Mendez ordered to eliminate the threat. "Fire everything you've got!" He told fleet COMMs.
The fighter silently fell. He was shocked and had just processing what was happening. It splashed and sank in the ocean with him.
He got out and swam slowly to the surface where missiles and bombs were raining down from bombers as he was barely able to catch his breath and submerge again only to have missiles fuse and create a blunt explosion pushing him like a toy in the dark ocean. He was terrified and his breath was knocked out of him. He couldn't wait any longer as he struggled to get up to surface again. There were endless bombs littering the skies, falling into the water. Some igniting on the surface and some going deeper to cover each elevation where they thought he was at, surrounding him. He couldn't keep this up forever.
A second passed with him barely catching a breath and large streams of metal hurled on top of his head with lightning speeds pummeled him deeper in the depths of the ocean. The base had located where he was and was planning to drown him out with a high velocity experimental railgun. It was created by yours truly: Dr. Anithan, who quickly studied him before reaching Centri base.
The bombers ceased fire. for a moment it was silent...

"Jace... Jace........" Static filled the borders of his eyes as they widely opened, his body felt trapped by something and throbbed out of control suspended slightly off the ground. it was blurry, but he could see something. Something evil, a thing called... Chaos. It looked out in the horizon of a burning futuristic city.
"Your powers are adolescent to the real Entities. But your heart for chaos in this universe knows no bound. You have the ability to control and destroy anything, I embedded a curse in you... I imbedded hatred."
The metal ghastly being turned around. The burning world reflected in chaos's only purple eye. In it appeared a soundless... catastrophic explosion....
He opened his eyes. Looking around with his blurry vision, his head rang an eerie voice. He thought for a second, his need for air suddenly became absent. And for a second, he felt hatred. He opened his hands out. Majestically, fishes swam around him as he controlled the currents. The water streamed into an underwater tornado and flung him outwards towards the light and out onto the surface. "Good... I’m getting use to this." He said. "Let’s try this one more time."
He looked at the jets and tried to create enough heat to spark flames in his feet but failed. Skidding through the water’s surface he got back into control as fire poured out of his hands. He was gliding on top of water.
The flames were so hot that water boiled below him and left a mass fog in his wake. He dived into the waters again unnoticed. The military desperately searched, but eventually they couldn't find him...

* * *

1400 hours  

Jace emerged from the waters as land was in view, he could only wonder what that vision was, and that he was somewhat feeling... Angry all of a sudden. His fire propelled hands were still launching him towards there. The flames greatly splashed the water out of the way as he finally pushed upwards, closed his hands, and dove in like a torpedo into the water blasting towards land.
Angel Beach it was, a very hot day and abundance of people were socializing and relaxed in the light sand, children running and beach balls bouncing, many were enjoying the cool water that made an escape from the heat. A group of friends played volleyball. There feet splashed on the low tides and rushed joyfully to hit the ball back and forth. They were having a good time. A girl stood there ready to hit, she had blue eyes, light brown hair which was braided, and a white bikini that had a side of a red flower design on it. She ran backwards in an attempt to hit the ball. But inadvertently, she bumped into Jace as he slowly walked up from the shore. She fell on the water unnoticed that he was already wet.
That caught Jace by surprise and he landed face first into the water. He pulled himself out of the water and started to form a solid sword out of the sand due to his building anger. "Oh my gosh! Are you ok sir?" She said.
"That voice." He whispered. It was the one he heard as he was submersed hours ago. Jace looked at her with his wet white hair in his face. The sword dispersed into a small unnoticeable pile. The sun  blinded him for a second and a face of a girl appeared in front of him "I'm... Fine." He said
"Here let me help you up!" She got him up sitting up with him. He looked at her blue eyes. "Names Alina” she said.
"I'm Jace." He said not taking his eyes off of her. His heart raced.
"Hey Ali! Can you get the ball please?" A guy said standing a ways down the beach.
"Ok wait, I'm on my way." She said and turned back to him.
“I’m so sorry I made you fall and got your clothing wet." She apologized.
"No its alright."  Jace responded with a jittery voice "I have to go.".
They both got up and he started to walk away. She looked at him smiling and slowly turned to get the ball. As she made her way back to her friends, he was gone. She paused wondering where he went, but shook off the thought of it and continued back.
Jace silently watched from afar. Somehow she had to be important in some significance... He thought. “She has to be connected...”.
04 - Off the Grid:

Jace continued on, his mission was to get to the Aliea Territory and finish what was to come... But he still had a strange feeling that girl was somehow connected to all of this... He leaned on the trees with a blank look, waiting... His sensory skills are what helped him planned for things, and he had to know this alien place better. He stretched and walked towards the busy city, unknown to its features and understanding.
What he observed was an interesting behavior of conixium socialization. He was able to make blueprints of technology that was just lying around, his sight, "something else had to be going on behind the scene." he thought. And luck would have it, as he laid his hand down on a terminal, information from the web, history, lifestyle, guides, information, and knowledge started pouring in.
He removed his hand, nothing had been downloaded onto the terminal, but it was like his conscious was inside the virtual world and now he is connected to it in every way...
"Hands of a god..." He said, then realizing his knowledge from that remark. He stood in the middle of the city center and could identify, name, and find everything that was going on around him. He wondered... Was he... A god?

An hour passed and Alina was walking home, she was in the Academy of High Alkalist, the equivalent to highschool in human terms but to a more complex extent in terms of time and education.
It was finally the Mardigra Dance today. And the last one for the year before they graduate. She was the co-host for the academy party and was excited for it as she went home and started to prepare.
It was about 16:00 as she was dropped off with her friends. The Academy was a huge circular building with an elegant limestone-pathed courtyard in the middle. She walked into the entrance and many others dressed with their masks, suits, and dresses were  having a memorable moment in life. Majestic and bustling lights brighten the dark oak dance floor and a professional band was playing. She walked out of the car. Her friend Jaime with a disappointed look in her face had to break some news.
"Jaime! You look so beautiful today!" Alina said as they hugged. She noticed that she was sad. "What's wrong?"
She looked at her. "He couldn't make it..."
Alina was speechless "Why couldn't he?..." Her voice trembled.
"His grandfather was hospitalize, he made the last call and took a plane to the territory of Arcia." Jaime explained.
"Oh... I have to call him, he must be very devastated..." Alina said as she walked towards the door.
Meanwhile everything else was going on, Jace was hidden on top of the roof watching. She stood outside and Jace waited for her call to finish up.
"Ok, I'm so sorry Andrew, I hope he gets better. Ok I understand, I'll call back soon." She said and walked further into the dark courtyard.  She sat at the marble fountain in the middle.
Her eyes watered and eventually a tear ran down her cheek.
"Today was the day." she thought. "Andrew's grandfather is dying and I'm alone for the final dance before I graduate. The one I devoted time to help create, and now I'm rewarded with this... Two bad things just have to happen today." She started to cry putting her head down onto her hands.
Jace just continued to watch from behind on top of the tree. His mind made use of his new found information and landed on the grass without a sound, he transformed his clothing into a tuxedo and a white eye mask that attached to his face. As he walked with his dress shoes, Alina turned around looking at him.
"Please... Just leave me alone." She said in an unsteady voice as she continued to cry and looked away from embarrassment.
Jace stopped, knelt down, putting his hand on the ground, and a blue rose grew from the grass. He picked it up and continued to walk.
"Please-" she looked at him but noticed the rose. "It- its blue..." She said surprised.
He held it towards her and she grabbed it. Examining it she looked back at him, his palm out with a white glove on.
"May I take this dance? He said.
She was speechless for a moment. "Ye-yes, of course." She went along and he pulled her up onto the side of the fountain. He snapped his fingers and classical music started to play.
"How did you-" she was interrupted by Jaces finger covering her mouth. "Don't ask." He said quietly.
They're steps synced, they moved swiftly from the concrete floor and around the fountain, the music mysterious and Alina dazzled by who had set this up.
Of course no one knew him. Jace danced on and in a final movement they stopped with the music.
He took a step back and let go of her hand.
"My name is Jace." He said taking off his mask. She realized who this was.
"You're the guy who I ran into. How did you find out... Did my friends set this up? I'm confused." She said puzzled.
Jace just looked at her. "Something told me I had to meet you, I don't know why." He explained.
Suddenly a bundle of military airships flew over the campus carrying heavy tanks and armor. Jace knew what he had to do, he had to take this chance...
"I'm going now... I have to go somewhere important. I’m sorry..." He hesitated.
"Wait, what do you mean?"
He put his finger on her lips and pointed at the fountain behind her. She looked for a second and looked back and was startled... He was gone... Again.
She looked around as he disappeared and didn’t know what to do but yell “Jace! Wait! If you’re still around.... Please meet me tomorrow at my workplace, The building is called Akali Systems! Just check in at the counter and ask for me!..” She said making an attempt to meet him again.

Jace quickly raced across the courtyard and jumped onto the roof where he saw the ships, he took a step back and the launched himself towards the targets. He flew across the night and caught the side of the tank perfectly. Next to the other ships was a small carrier... The same one that retrieved him and put him in the Hydron military facility.
He jumped towards it and caught a hold on the door. He put his hand on it and slowly pushed through the mass without destroying it. His body followed through the solid door and he was inside like a metaphysical being.
Standing there was Dr. Anithan doing her research. He took a step forward, she noticed him and pulled out a hidden pistol from her back and fired multiple stun shots. Each of which perfectly hit Jace in the chest. But the bullets fell undamaging him.
He dashed forward and grabbed the stun pistol turning it into a glob of metal.
“Tell me... Where is the Aliea territory, or I’ll kill you...” He threatened her.
“So, Witt gave you that name right?” She asked trying to grasp a breath
Jace didn’t reply to her question. “I said tell me where the Aliea Territory is!” He said morphing his right arm into a longsword and pushed her against the wall by her neck.
“You will gain nothing from killing me. Rathering I can help you if you cooperate...” She struggled to talk as his hand choked and deprived her of air.
"What do you want with me?" He demanded an answer.
"Please! Le- let me down! I just want you to know that people may be hostile against you at first because they don't know what you are or your potential to destruction. I'm sorry this had to happen."
Jace took his hand off of her and she fell on her knees and coughed taking in air.
"Why do you feel sorry?"
Anithan stood up and took a deep breath and adjusted her glasses. "I- I see someone like you, who's lost his memories, someone who doesn't have a known past can be turned to do good or evil because you likely are confused in your morales. If you are to find your answers, blindly going to something without a plan won't help." She walked to one of her work tables and grabbed a small device. "You'll need our help, but you need to gain the trust of everyone first."
She gave Jace the device.
"But... Why do you think, or even want to help me?"
"Through a logical standpoint instead of pure instinct on acting against something we do not yet understand, if someone like you has no memory, you really have no reason to act the part of a hero or villain. I chose to help you and in return, just want to gain your trust to keep the world the way it is and not become the enemy. Don't try to go to the Aliea Territory yet, wait until things get worse so they'll be desperate enough to need you. Anything else and they'll just try to capture and lock you up before they know what's right."
She opened the door while the ship was still in the air. "Now stay on the down low, learn about the people and if you can... Enjoy it."
Jace looked at her nodding "I understand."
She put her hand on his shoulder. "People will reject you in almost every way because they don't understand it at first, I for one, have work that requires to learn and understand these things. I'm of course, still trying to even comprehend how you were able to do what you." She chuckled as she opened the hangar door "You need to go before we reach the base."
"Ok... Thanks." he said lastly and jumped off.
So that was that... Its somehow extraordinary that someone wasn't afraid of his powers to talk logic to him. Jace pondered on the concept of heros and villans... He didn't feel like the need to be on either side. He just wanted to find out his past and reasons. But now all he could do is follow the plan she had proposed. He had no certain thing he needed to rush at.
The small carrier dropped him around a rocky hillside with the city below and the stars and moon above. He decided to fall back into the grass. His breath was subtle, his mind at rest, and he watch the sky... the place he came from.

* * *

247hrs- Ground zero - Day two  
<<001 day before escape>>

Witt had found Neo squad. Only three members remained. And the freshest samples that they collected from the core were destroyed in a vehicular explosion which left most of them dead and infected. Although that happened, he found out one thing. Their bodies were only covered by the mutations and only their chemical energy connecting to the back of their necks were being taken internally.
They were close to the border of the Red-Zone where they would meet Dr.Anithan in her mobile Lab, which was heavily fortified with troops.
He got up from the ground next to trees and bushes witnessing the dark purple tentacles that covered the ground expand across everything. He quickly commanded the others to go towards the next cover. He covered them in any way he could. Striking the enemy in the back with his knife and silenced magnum.
Suddenly when the remains of neo squad started to move out of cover, an infected beast with three jaws, its teeth unevenly sharp, and its tentacles that aimed at their throats suddenly jumped out and pinned two of them. It opened its mouth and started to bite in to their torsos ripping out their organs and guts as blood and intestines spewed out staining the uncontrollable beasts and dripped fresh blood from its mouth as it stared into the eyes of the survivors that screamed in pain and blood gushing out of the others mouth. It bit off one of their heads and made a crunching noise while it ripped its teeth in their skulls and bits of their brains and hair stuck in between its teeth.
"-Cheesecake!-!" Witt screamed, he jumped in and grabbed the sole survivor who froze in shock and the horrible sight of her comrades being eaten alive. He started to run with her on his back.
"This is African Lion Actual, repeat, this is African Lion Actual. Are there any survivors?" The emergency COMMs were searching for people.
Witt tuned in. "This is Special Ops team Voxen , code Alpha, whiskey, delta, Conix Tier Seven.
A few seconds passed before a reply "... Patching you in Agent."
The COMMs switched to Dr. Anithan's encrypted frequency. "What’s the progress Witt?"
"We've lost the samples and data. I couldn't get there in time. Any progress?"
"Yes, some but we still need some pure samples to clarify our data to be used against the aliens. The last place we could get it would most likely be the core."
"The core is very dangerous, both sky and ground operations failed to retrieve NEO team, I have the only sole survivor with me."
"Get back here in one piece, I need you for our next mission ASAP."
"Give me some time Kayla, don't rush me." Witt said ending the transmission.

* * *

An time had passed, his cautious motions and trusty rifle let him slip away with the sole survivor. She was silent and fell behind.
"Hurry" Witt said as he turned and looked at her pale face.
"What’s wrong?" He questioned
She looked at him. "My sister’s dead… Eaten… Alive… I saw it… Its… Haha... just a prank! She scared me for a second!" She said and a tear came out of her right eye. She laughed "I can't wait until she comes out of hidding, I’m really mad she did this great of a prank..." she cracked a small smile. She was easily in denial.
He looked at her tag. “Christine… She’s dead… I’m sorry, but you’re in-”
"NO SHE’S NOT!" She interrupted. "We were studying this specimen in the mobile lab! She’s probably waiting for me, I have to go."
She turned and started to walk. Witt grabbed her hand.
“No, Christine… She’s dead, please don’t do this.” Witt tried telling her again.
“What are you talking about? She was here like five minutes ago before she-”
“I know! But she was killed, murdered…” He explained
“No… No… You’re crazy!” She denied and tried to pull away.
Witt grabbed and wrap his arms around her. “No! Listen! She’s dead! OK! DEAD!”
“No! Get your hands off of me!” She yelled crying.
“CHRISTINE! She was killed right in front of you.” Witt said locking his grip around her more.
She suddenly stopped, her body slouched and her arms hung on to him. She didn’t say anything, only the sound of her sob.
“She’s gone and there’s nothing you can do about it, ok… You can’t go back, you have to go with me…”
She let go seconds later. Her tears streamed down.
“She’s dead?”
“Yes… I’m so sorry I couldn’t save her, but I have to get you out of here.”
“Ok…” She said. Witt started to walk towards the LZ.
A click noise alerted Witt and he turned around. She unlatched her helmet.
"Wait!" Witt said, but it was too late, the helmet came off. Her plush golden hair fell out loosely as she opened her blue eyes.
"Don't worry, before we left the diagnostics read that it isn’t airborne, and it only infects if its an actively moving entity." She took a step forward inches away from Witt.
"Will you come back for me if I don't make it?"
...Witt hesitated. "I will"
"promise me?" She slowly said
Witt continued on walking without an answer, the girl didn't know if he heard it or not, she kept silent.
Soon they could see the Base about a few miles out. And in between were the monsters vigorously checking the area, like they were organized or something. They were building up for an attack. They couldn't get pass that many infected beasts.
"Lion Actual, can you pinpoint us for an LZ?" He radioed in."
"Yes we can, but only in the morning. Omega Control was restricted to daytime operations only. You're going to have to hold out."
"Ok, when the sun rises I'll set off multiple flares of different colors; the green flair is our location. Do not go to the others, repeat, do not go to the other flairs."
"Copy that, we're ready."
Witt looked around and found a large ditched covered by tree roots and leaves. "We can stay here for tonight." He climbed inside with her. I'll keep a watch for the enemy if they try to find us."
Another hour went by and it was already dark. Witt watched the Christine as she slept soundly on the pile of leaves. Her face was calm and comforting somehow... He looked outside and started to plan a way towards a considerable LZ. The base was only five miles out which would only take the ships at least a minute or two to reach them. His eyes started to wander and slowly sleep crept up on him. He shook his head and got up patrolling the area.

* * *

The girl was awoken by airships flying near the base patrolling. Taking a peek outside Witt was standing there communicating with African Lion Actual. He turned and saw her awake, "You ready?" He said
"Yeah, let’s go." She replied. Her face was voided of any emotion.
Witt set off multiple flairs behind him as they ran as close to the base as they could. Finally he set off the green one.
The flairs set off the monsters in roars as they headed closer to each flair.
"ETA forty one seconds."
"Hurry, we have contact!"
Witt took out his rifle and fired at the traps he had sets with grenades on the trees. It blew up and the trees created a barricade. But the monster had climbed over it with one of its tentacle-bonded hand had been severed and its blood spewed out of its mouth.
"Watch it!" He dived and pushed the girl out of the way."
"Hide over there!"
Witt grabbed his rifle and fired at its face aiming at the eyes.
It gave a loud repetitive screech like cry. And right before it noticed a grenade was right under its body it exploded.
The smoke cleared and it was left lying dead, but the sound attracted more away from the other flairs. "-Cheesecake!-, African Lion," he radioed "what’s the ETA?"
"Thirty seconds, hold on, we have a long range fighter ready to assist, mark with your laser designator.
Witt grabbed out a small pen like tool and turned the laser on. He pointed at the forest ahead and it transmitted to the fighter which fired seconds later. It bloomed the forest with intense light and explosions clearing the enemy.  The flashes died down and the girl was next to the flair and a rock. Crying and covering her ears as she watched as the creatures coming towards and jumped at her. Witt fired a single shot. The beast harmlessly fell on her and she pushed it off surprised that it’s already dead.
A prodigious tentacle penetrated through the trees and sliced the space Witt was on a second ago. He jumped up in the air. But the tentacle retaliated and whipped him a few meters away. It grabbed the girl’s leg and started pulling. She started to scream clawing at the soil with the fear and horror in her eyes. With all of that panic she suddenly stopped... The monster pulled her in with her emotionless face holding on to a crescent shaped necklace. She slowly closed her eyes and disappeared into the forest.
"No!" Witt screamed helpless "-Cheesecake!-!" He ran to the edge of the forest. He saw a silhouette of monsters. He couldn’t stay much longer. He backed up and the rescue ship was waiting for him.
"I'll come back." Witt promised.
The field was covered by the abominations right as Witt was rescued.
All he did was stood on the side watching as he flew farther away from the area. "What has this world turn into..."

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05 - "Disruption:

Chapter 5- Disruption


Noon hit and Jace walked across the city ingesting what he had saw and trying his best to comprehend everything going on. It felt all fascinating with the new things he had absorbed from the terminal. And finally, he found the Akali Systems tower. It a building which sat alone in the skyline like a lone giant and the entrance faced right in front of him.
"So this is the place." He thought and walked in.
The lobby stood spaciously and several people walked by in and out of elevators and stairs. He went to the service counter.
"Hello sir, what may I do for you?" The person behind 4321` asked.
"Uhmm... I'm here to see someone by the name of Allina." Jace said.
"Let me check... Allina Arius has scheduled a meeting on her lunch with a Jace." She explained.
"Yes, that’s me." He said
"Good, she works in office c12 of floor 12, you can meet her right now."
"Ok, thanks." Jace said and he went.
As he entered into the office, Allina sat at the desk with her lunch mindlessly on the computer and looked at him for a second.
"Jace?!" She said standing up. "So you're the one who helped me through the night yesterday!"
"Yes, uh that was me." He said nervously
Allina looked at him with suspicion. "Why did you do what you did? She asked "I don't even know you and you put a very pleasing act. A boy... I have seen only once on a beach."
Jace froze trying to come up with an answer "I just... I know there’s something special about you when I first saw you." He said awkwardly.
"Oh my god, you're a -Cheesecake!- creep you know!" She said with an angrily as she approached him and in his ear "Well too bad you look gosh darn too cute to ignore." She whispered then hugged him. "And you did help make a great night, I've worked so hard in my school committee to plan out the last dance."
Jace, clueless and wondering if she is still mad or happy. All the data in this world and he couldn't figure out how a female worked...
"Tell yah what Jace!" She said as she headed back to her seat. "Let me finish my work for today and I have a surprise for you at ten when I get off of work." She winked
"Uhmm, ok, I'll see you then... Bye Allina." Jace said as he headed out.

Jace waited outside the building leaning on the wall. The time struck 10:020 as it closed down and Allina walked outside with her purse and a brown stylish leather coat on.
"Oh hey, you're here!" She said.
"Yeah, uhm so where are we going?"
She grabbed his hand. "I'll tell you when we get there!"
Allina pulled Jace along as they quickly entered the metro and got on the train. He stood facing her as the metro set off.
"So where are you from?" She smiled
"I'm from... Mm-Melhañei Island..."
"Wow really? I never heard of that place before."
"It’s in the south of the... ocean, it’s not that well known."
"Well that’s cool. Must be all exotic over their right?"
"Uh yeah, it’s amazing living in Melhañei"
Allina looked at Jace’s scar. "So what happened to your left cheek?”
“It’s... Nothing really, accident.”
The metro slowed to a stop and walked off. As Jace headed up the stairs behind her, the atmosphere changed. Darkness had already stood upon them. Candles and mini hot air balloon bags filled the air glowing a tinted orange. An angelic marble fountain in the middle had a statue of some kind of being dressed in fancy and powerful, yet very familiar armor. Its hand held a jug which poured a steady stream in the water. Many water flowers floated on a nearby river, some of vibrant colors and many were thrown in as a tradition to peace.
"I supposed you came here in time for the monthly festival." She said "They're setting up right now and it’s about to start!"
Jace just looked around with aw and followed her. Come on, let’s have some fun!" She said excited. They soon headed to the stands and played games and enjoyed some delicacies. The parade started and they stood close to the middle as dancers dressed in ancient outfits as the performers danced by. A cluster of floats with elegant designs road by and many tricks were performed which impressed Allina and even Jace for a time. A giant mammal passed by called Selenosu's as Allina told Jace what they were.
A time had passed and they had met up with Allina's other friends. Elli, Sanah, and Lucas. Jace had never felt anything like this before, for the first time he had felt... Joyfulness, he didn't feel any hatred, he suppressed it as he discovered what life was.
Soon he had eaten all of the weird edible food including a sweet pink fluff called cotton candy and magical beads popping into mini puffs called popcorn.
The two rode on a long wheel that extended them up in the sky. Jace watched the glowing festival below and Allina held him closer. "It’s kind of cold up here." She giggled as the compartment rose high into the air and viewed the lights illuminated a yellow tint in which the city was encompassed in. It was for the longest moment his life.
They later walked alone to watch the lake which were filled with pink flowers and birds feeding from them.
"A beautiful night wasn't it?" She said softly.
"Yes. It honestly was." Jace replied.
"Ha-ha, yah know everything about you is weird. You don't seem to know what you're doing half the time. It must be a weird place you came from." she smiled
"Yeah I don't really do any research before traveling." He falsely confessed. "So this happens every month?"
"Yeah, it does. It’s to remind us of the gift the world had offered us and our dedication to live a long and joyous lives. We work hard and we're rewarded, do things that make us happy, and we preserve nature and we keep its blessings." She said heartily.
"I wish I knew where my home was." Jace murmured.
"What do you mean?" She asked.
"I don't have a home, at least not of anything I remember..."
"Wait... You don't remember?"
"I have no memory of anything... Not since a few days ago."
Allina stared at him trying to process what he meant. "You mean you have.... memory loss and can't remember anything?!" She confirmed.
"Yes... It's not just my memory, I have these abilities I'm not sure what they are meant for."
"Abilities? What are you talking about? Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"
"Because... So far you're the only one I received compassion from" He looked in her eyes.
He stared at her. "Until I found someone that didn't deny me. I don’t feel any hatred or frustration."
Allina took a step back. "Ok... So you don't remember anything... Yet you somehow magically had the resources and skill to dance with me last night. You're trying to trick me or something! I knew it! This is some kind of sick prank to you!" She stepped back angered and turned walking away.
Jace ran and turned her around. "No Allina, I swear this is real! I have abilities and they-"
Allina slapped him. "What are you talking about abilities?! Don't touch me or I'll call the -Cheesecake!- police!" She yelled and ran off crying.
Jace took a step back watching her disappear in the crowd, and looked at his reflection in the water.
"I guess someone like this never really happens to anyone." He said. "Just like what t scientist said... Rejection because of how I am." He said; A murderous look drawn on his eyes. He stood still for minutes just staring into the world.
Jace felt something in the wind, his mind suddenly became serious and he looked left to right. His facial expression did not change as he knew something evil imminent would be coming and he had to find Allina. His walk turned into running and a full on sprint towards the fair.
A sudden silhouette came out of the water and ascended to ground where Allina previously was. Its eyes were of amethyst crystals and skin as white as a vampire. She spoke with elegance. "Master, the boys fighting instincts have finally been set off by me. Proceed to phase two."
"Allina! He screamed as he moved across the crowd. "Kevin!" He yelled and ran towards him. He looked at Jace with anger. "What did you do to her -Cheesecake!-? She’s crying her -Cheesecake!- eyes out because of you"
"I'm very sorry but please just tell me where Allina is!"
"No!" He said
Jace tighten his fists. "Tell me where she is! She's in trouble,"
"What do you mean?"
"Just tell me and I explain on the way!" He desperately said.
"She headed towards the Ferris wheel with Sanah."
"Follow me!" He started running towards it.
Meanwhile Allina sat down near the fountain near the Ferris wheel. Sanah sat next to Allina trying to comfort her. The silhouette carefully placed itself a small distance away from them, this time she had an umbrella with her. She looked up at the Wheel, little did anyone know the bolts and screws were secretly removed.
Jace ran ahead making his way towards Allina, but as he looked up, the Ferris wheel tilted and quickly started to collapse on its side where he suspected she was. The crowd of people screamed in fear, the place had too many spectators for him to make a move without being noticed.
He thought one last time and had no choice but to blow his cover and reveal his prescience. Jace jumped into the air and spread his hands leaving a trail of fire behind. He sped through the distance frantically only to make it shy of destruction as he landed in front of the two and slammed his arms into the ground, in which pillars of solid stone shot up to the free falling Wheel and stopped it halfway from the people under it. He took a deep breath and looked at the ground up to Allina who had a front row seat to witness his 'abilities'. Shocked as everyone else she managed to acknowledge his powers. "You... Weren't lying..." She said.
Slowly she took a step towards him face to face. She noticed his eyes were of a depressing. She hugged him.
Jace held her for a few seconds, but suddenly blood dripped onto the stone ground... Jace pushed her off and looked at her without a flicker of emotion. A large hole where her heart had resided and an arm morphed into a metal spike stained with the blood of impurity... Sana’s watched as she witnessed Jace’s harrowing act and she screamed in the night.
Allina look at him and not a single tear fell from her cheeks.
"Where the hell is she?" He demanded, calm and collectively.
She smiled, and gruesomely morphed into its real form, a sinister. Its eyes of five stared into Jace’s and its claws and spikes grew out from within. It was in fact, not her…
"GIVE HER BACK" He screamed and lifted his hand towards the skies. A giant stone hand crept from the ground and smashed the monster in mid transformation leaving a small earthquake behind.
As things settled down, the silhouette started to clap in amusement. It floated up like a ghost from the ground and the face of a women became visible. Next to her, Allina sat on the ground tied up and held down by a robot with a single eye. Then finally a being made of solid crystal came out from behind and they surrounded him.
What was this? Jace thought, he somehow feel like he had fought against- no… Fought with them before.
“Jacion, as the Conixium species call you… I’m surprised to see you defeated by the Humans back some time ago. And I am very disgraced by the presence of your washed up former self. Return with us quietly and the girl lives.
Jace didn’t take a step forward.
“What will it be Jacion?” She asked patiently
“My name is Jace.” He corrected “And I’ll be dead than to be obedient to you.”
He put his hand on the ground and the earth cupped Allina in which pulled her under and she emerged next to Jace.
“Oh my god thank you!” She said as he picked her up and jumped backwards high into the air. Crystal shards flew from below and narrowly missed him. He couldn’t create anything due to Allina occupying his arms. As he descended, a rogue crystal hit Jace right through the heart and let go of Allina screaming into a free fall...
The robot caught her before she hit the ground and flew off into the metro.
Jace blunted the floor and gasp for air as he painfully pulled out the shard and got up. His wound quickly healed but he didn’t feel any better as he ran towards the metro tunnels.
The robot levitated a feet from the ground holding Allina. A sudden gust of wind blew everyone there off of their feet as he caught sight of Jace and flew into the tunnels right before the train raced past the terminals. Jace dashed in towards the tunnel and as he jumped, metal braces formed under his feet. They attached to the railings flawlessly on the right side of the rack. Flailed out and fire pulsed through his hands as he traveled across the tracks. Seconds later he could hear the train running and metal debris surprising flew by as he quickly jumped to the left and on the other track dodging it.
He closed in and saw the robot on top ripping off the roof and throwing the debris he dodged. He immediately jumped on and created metal gauntlets as pulsing circuits built over his arm. He tackled the robot back and ripped off one of its arms and knocking the robot off.
Jace, caught by surprise watched an aura covered the area and everything played in reverse. His movements were reminded and the robot came back on board to the event that he tackled him. As Jace dove to tackle the robot, it vanished and reappeared behind Jace.
“I’m disappointed master.” The robot uttered and it jumped off and disappeared again.
Jace turned around and looked down. From the roof he jumped inside and on Allina’s hand, a sprawling tentacle that manifested in her hand.
He eyed another man who tried to treat her, but it had spread to him and his body being taken over. Everyone took a step away from him and he started to fidget and scream and eventually got up and looked around encumbered with the exoskeleton of a sinister. Jace forced the sides of the train and molded metal around it to keep it still.
He looked at Allina. “Please help me Jace.” she cried.
Silence fell on the train and everyone looked at him as he had no idea what to do but put his hand on her arm. The infection shriveled up like it was affected by Jace’s touch and left a scar.
His eyes were filled with guilt. He saw into her eyes how terrified she is. He almost lost her, and it’s his entire fault that she ended up like this.
"I’ll… Take you home now." He quietly said and picked up Allina.
The train stopped at the entrance and police officials came in with their weapons loaded. "What the -Cheesecake!- is that?!" one of them exclaimed as they looked at the trapped monster. "Everyone get out!" One of the officers said, and Jace left the scene with her.

* * *

She told him where her apartment is and he quickly headed there. Allina quietly held onto his back. Tears fell from her eyes.
"Thanks" She whispered.
"Are you hurt?" He asked.
They got to the front of a fancy apartment complex and he put her down. She didn’t look at him, but stopped at the entrance faced away.
“My butler James will show you to your room for tonight.” She said, Jace unsure of by her voice of how she felt.
She continued to her room and James escorted him to a room on the other side.
“Do you need anything sir?” James asked next to the room.
“No thanks.” Jace said.
He walked in and looked around… Just like that cell, without the glass, without anyone.
Allina prepared for bed and sat on her bed. Her lights turned to a dim and she called up to her friends and wept.
“Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow too Sanah, yeah, love you too. “ She hung up and started to cry more in bed.
“I’m sorry Allina.” Jace apologized sitting against the wall next to her door in pitch black. She looked towards the door wiping away the rest of her tears.
“I just wanted you to know… It’s my fault. I- I didn’t know something bad would happen.” He continued. “I can understand if you hate… Or even fear me for what I am able to do.” His voice jittered more. She still didn’t respond.
“Please tell me you’re fine… Are you ok?” He asked. Still with no response.
“Nothing else will happen to you.” He said, and finally silence filled the atmosphere.
Allina got up and slowly walked to the door. Her hand on the door knob and she saw her scarred arm and hesitated for a minute. Then, as she finally opened the door, he had vanished.

* * *

Slight memories came forward, but it was only a fraction of what he really use to know... He noticed everything became blurred. The plane of white molded into a familiar landscape. He walked through buildings and prairie plains as frozen instances of himself displayed skills and knowledge of many fascinating wisdom. This is what he used to be, but as good lasted for only moments, nightmares return... Everything began melting while his instances disintegrate to dust. He stood there impassive and they sky filled with dark figures and random shapes began to form into a questionable being. A head of a monster twirled down with its long neck and its mouth with sharp and spiraled mantels. It revealed a sphere under its hands which showed many secrets within. His chaotic history as he was corrupted from a battle ages ago not even gods of now would distinguish from dreams.
He was reincarnated into shadows as a child of Chaos. Reprised and taught different ideals. He was cursed with growing hatred, something he couldn't stop, and felt a fear for everything around him. Jace fell to the ground and shriveled up to a ball. Tears poured from his face. His head filled with horrific things he had done, he couldn’t live… How could he survive with any ounce of sanity?
It was the midst of night as Jace woke up in a sudden panic. He had passed out in an alley after he left the complex. That battle had drawn the energy out of him and left him exhausted, both emotionally and physically. He pulled himself to the side of the building and breathed in the scent of damp dirt and garbage. He heard the distant noises of the city as he sat there uneasily quiet for minutes. He stared into the brick wall. Was there any reason to go on? Just one...

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0.0 that first post was amazing!!

on Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:04 am

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Chapter 2+3 is up with updated revisions!

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I really like where this is going; I can't wait for the next chapters!

on Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:36 am

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I'm gonna read when I have time!

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Kevow of Rice
Chapter 4 Update!

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kevow wrote:Chapter 4 Update!
Nice writing; this would make an awesome movie!

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001 Contrite Mediation wrote:
kevow wrote:Chapter 4 Update!
Nice writing; this would make an awesome movie!

Thanks Smile I'm planning on making multiple books.

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Hmm. Good ratings..I will read it when I come back from meh Belt Ceremony. **ninjapoof**

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I'm pretty sure everyone forgot about this, but I've made huge revisions and edits to all of the chapters and have posted:

chapters 8 and 9!

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