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Fall of the Spartans

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Tarson | 5155 Member

There is another thread for this in the Off Topic section, but since this section was made I'll put it here. If you want to read the first chapter, you can check it out in the Off Topic section.

It still has the problem with no description of the dialogue but I assure you if chapter three does happen it will be fixed. Here is part 2:
Clyde stared at the star for a long while as the Elite whispered something, something that Clyde could not understand. Probably not even English.

“Are you going to make a wish?”

Clyde turned to the Elite.

“What wish could I make? Besides, I don’t think that’s a shooting star. That’s gotta be a Spartan.”

“Well, you can always figure that out. You do have an A.I.”

“You’re right.”

Clyde placed his index and middle finger on his right earpiece to drain out any outside conversation, so it would be easier to hear Zeta.

“Zeta, can you do a scan on that?”

“Hold on. That is most likely a Spartan. I can’t tell exactly from the scan, but it I can tell it is human.”

“Maybe it’s her.” The Elite placed his hand on Clyde’s shoulder as he said this. Clyde looked back at the shooting star until it was out of sight.

The Elite stood up and grabbed a Covenant Carbine.

“I believe you have the same thoughts as me Spartan. You want to go look for that Spartan, don’t you?”

“I do.” Clyde stood up and placed his magnum back on his thigh. “It could always be her, and I need to find her. I want to make things better. Between us, you know?”

“I know. Grab a weapon and we’ll head off.”

“Don’t you think we should rest before we go? Not only that, but it’ll be harder to travel through the night.”

“You had all the time to sleep when you were falling from space. Now it’s time to search. Here, take this.” The Elite held out a Plasma Rifle. The Spartan snatched it away from him.

“We should go now, before the storm approaches.”

“The storm?”

“Yes. Let’s hurry. We can’t waste any time.”

The Elite walked off of the platform into the cold sand. The Spartan followed.

“You’re lucky you’re wearing boots. This sand isn’t the warmest.”

The Spartan let out a chuckle as he placed the Plasma Rifle on his thigh, pulling the magnum off again.

“I would keep the rifle out, who knows what’s out in this desert.”

“I don’t think it could be that bad. I mean, I just survived a fall from space. I think I’m pretty safe.”

“I wouldn’t get too cocky. You don’t seem like in any good condition to fight.”

“I’ll be fine.”

Zeta was starting to get worried. She always was worried whenever Clyde got cocky. She knew that there was no way he could survive any fight, probably not even a fight against a Jackal. She always doubted herself though, remembering that Clyde is a super soldier, he can take care of himself.

But she wasn’t too sure.

The Elite ducked down behind a sand dune. The Spartan ducked down as well.

“Anything there?”

“I thought I heard voices. Brute voices. Make sure you’re using your Plasma Rifle. That pistol won’t do the job here.”

Clyde placed the magnum on his side and grabbed the Plasma Rifle, pulling it off.

“I’m ready.”

“Are you sure? Because I could probably take care of them myself.”

“I’m sure. I want to fight.”

“Alright.” The Elite slowly walked to the top of the sand dune and laid in the cold sand. His body was freezing.

“It seems ironic. This sand will burn me up in the sunlight, but when it turns dark, I feel as though I’ve never experienced heat in my entire life.”

Clyde laid down next to the Elite.

“Those are definitely Brutes. You can tell.”

Clyde couldn’t tell himself. He turned towards the Elite, who was aiming down his Carbine, getting ready to fire.

“I’ll take the first shot.”

The Elite fired at a Brute. His helmet flew off, and he turned towards the sand dune. He couldn’t see anything.

“You think he knows where we are?”

“Probably not,” he reloaded his Carbine. “He’ll look though. Brutes don’t back down from a fight. They’re barbarous, remember?”


The Brute pointed towards the sand dune and a shade turret turned on its light, aiming up at the dune. It barely lit up the dune, as it was so far away. It was enough to point them out to the Brutes, however.

“They see us.”

The Elite shot the Grunt who was in the Shade turret in the head. The Brute ran inside of the outpost, and no one else even fidgeted.

“What should we do now?” Clyde asked, watching the Elite, and turning around at times.

“We wait.”

The Brute returned with a Gravity Hammer in his hand.

“I’ve got him.” The Elite shot at the Brute five more times before the Brute finally beserked. He ran out towards the dune with his Gravity Hammer in hand.

“That thing will tear both of us to shreds. We need to stand up so we can move quickly. You ready?”


The Elite stood up and peeked over the dune. The Brute was rushing up it, but having some troubles. He fired at the Brutes head. Clyde got up quickly and peeked over the dune as well. He began to fire at the Brutes head.

The Brute stopped moving and hit the ground with his gravity hammer. The sand that made the dune turned into a sandstorm. The dune was lowered significantly. The Brute was rubbing his eyes, and so was the Elite. Clyde walked up towards the Brute and grabbed his Gravity Hammer and yanked it away from him. He slammed it into the Brute, killing him in one blow.

Clyde turned towards the Elite, who was screaming as the sand entered his eyes, and now his mouth. He ran over to the Elite and wrapped his arms around his shoulder.

“Just walk with me.” They walked off into the direction of the star, with no more hostiles in sight.

They reached their destination. It looked like a human. Clyde let go of the Elite, who was still rubbing his eyes.

“I can see now.” The Elite opened up his eyes, which were bloodshot. He looked at the Spartan.

“We’re here?”

“Yup. I took out the Brute. We’re safe.”

They stared at the Spartan for quite some time.

“You first,” the Elite said to Clyde, who was anxious to see Cassie.

Clyde walked up to the Spartan slowly. They were all black and burnt. Clyde placed his hand on the Spartan’s chest. He could feel a heartbeat.

“She’s alive.”

A tear rolled down his cheek. He wanted her to become conscious, but he knew that would take a while. She had a hard fall, he hadn’t had as much of a fall. Not as much as her. The Elite placed his hand on Clyde’s shoulder once more.

“Better be sure it’s her. You can’t just make assumptions.”

Clyde wiped off the breastplate of the Spartan. The numbers were appearing.


Clyde almost resisted checking the last two numbers, but he wiped off the next one.


“There, 2 and 1, can we just leave it at that?” Clyde was worried. He wanted it to be her. But what if it wasn’t?

“You need to know. If you don’t find out now, you’ll find out once this person is conscious. Go ahead and wipe it off.”

Clyde turned back towards the numbers. 21. All he needed was a zero. Another tear rolled down his cheek. As he wiped the last number, he felt many more tears rolling down, and it seemed as though it wouldn’t stop.


on Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:34 pm

Jony | 5783 Admin My Ass

Great Job!

on Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:14 am

mini0013xx | 5249 Undaunted Member

I write scripts from time to time too, however they're a little longer than that. I'm writing one right now, split up into five acts. I just began working on Act 3. ATM it's over 30 pages long. They also don't necessarily revolve around Halo, but I guess that would make sense for yours, if you're planning on making it into a machinima or something.

Great work though Tarson.

on Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:02 pm

Tarson | 5155 Member

Jony wrote:Great Job!

This was written way back in August, so I'm glad I was still pretty good back then. Thanks Jony!

on Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:47 pm

Tarson | 5155 Member

mini0013xx wrote:I write scripts from time to time too, however they're a little longer than that. I'm writing one right now, split up into five acts. I just began working on Act 3. ATM it's over 30 pages long. They also don't necessarily revolve around Halo, but I guess that would make sense for yours, if you're planning on making it into a machinima or something.

Great work though Tarson.

The actual script for this would be long, the story is just split up into lots of different parts, each about 1000+ words long, some a little less.

Also, thanks Mini!

on Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:48 pm

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