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Inspired One-shot Story

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Inspired One-shot Story Empty Pandora's Box | 6616 Grammatical Wizard

Pandora's Box
Hey, I've decided to write something again! This is inspired by a game with rich but slightly untapped lore. If you can guess the game post your answer! (Should be easy)

He laid there in an ever growing puddle of his own blood. The only things in sight were the storm clouds that blanketed the sky. The sound of raindrops berating his armor drowned out everything, even his thoughts. His steel armor was now covered in gashes, holes, and nicks. Unable to move, unable to even cry for help, he laid there; his breath growing shallower by the second. He had no hope of help coming because he knew all too well that it would never come. The sound of water on steel began to wane, the heat left his body, the pain was slipping away, and his vision began to fade. Then it was dark, consumed by the darkness, the cold, and the silence that is death. Maybe this was what he had been looking for all along, not that he could remember.

The smell of salt water and the warmth of a nearby fire suddenly came to him. There was no pain in his body and breathing came easy. He was glad to be done with that wretched nightmare. He opened his eyes and saw a bright blue sky with light clouds sparsely scattered throughout. He sat up slowly, trembling greatly until his gaze landed upon that women with the emerald cloak who happened to be overlooking the sea. It was no nightmare, this was his reality. She knew he was there, yet again, but she didn't bother to face him.

“Misery will lead you to greater, stronger souls. You will never meet the King with a soul so frail and pallid.”

Anger swept over the warrior, like none that he had felt before. He quickly rose to his feet leaving his crescent axe near the fire. He stormed to her side, yelling the whole way there,

“Is that all you can say after all this time!? Am I not your valiant ‘Chosen Undead?’ The least you could do is look at me!”

Her eyes locked on the horizon beyond the sea not daring to look him in the face she replied softly,

“Dragonslayer… I will always be at your side. Until hope has fully withered.”

These cryptic responses from this women did not sit well with him, and though these words had been an effort to console him all he felt was sad abandonment. He tore his helmet off and threw it over the cliff with all of his might showing his heavily decayed face,

“I have had enough of this! I will fulfill your wishes… I will gain stronger souls… I will meet the King. But do not think I do this for you. I do this because it is all I remember. The only thing keeping this wretched curse from overtaking me are your words.”

His words got more solemn as he turned away and picked up his crescent axe. Before taking his leave he left her with words reminiscent of the other heroes she had seen come and go before,

“I am vexed that you call me ‘Dragonslayer.’ I do not remember such a title bestowed upon me, nor do I feel strong enough to have ever claimed it…”

As his heavy footsteps began to fade the women turned and watched him walk towards the woods. She remembered when he first arrived. He showed so much promise. He was gruff but honest and kind. His eyes held a ferocity that was matched by few. There were days when he would keep her company by the bonfire and tell her tales of his homeland. They were not the tales of beauty one might expect; they were tales of a violent homeland that had forged him into what the man he was. Her eyes were almost overflowing, but she was unwilling to shed a tear. She felt it in her heart, that this would be the last time she saw him. She sat down near the bonfire and pulled her knees to her chest drowning in her thoughts:

How many more valiant heroes must I send on this journey just for the curse to take them..? How many friends must I lose..?

And as he disappeared from sight a single tear broke free as she whispered to herself,

“Farewell… Lothian of Forossa…”

Hoped you enjoyed this.

on Wed Dec 31, 2014 6:07 am

Inspired One-shot Story Empty Mad Mike | 6375 Gwendolyn's Minion

Mad Mike
I didn't have much to do at work so I decided to read some old threads and take a short trip down memory lane (such fun threads there were, especially in the debate corner.)

Anyway, I also remember that I didn't have time to read this story when I first saw it and then forgot about it afterwards... Which is a shame since it's actually really good. I don't know anything about Dark Souls (I googled it Razz ) and even though I didn't understand much of the story, the writing is still excellent and very professional.

A bit late to comment now probably, but better late than never. Have you written anything else since this?

on Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:44 am

Inspired One-shot Story Empty Pandora's Box | 6616 Grammatical Wizard

Pandora's Box
I'm glad you read and enjoyed it! Very Happy

I haven't written anything as of late. I've been thing of writing a light novel with a goal of 100-200 pages but I'm not find the motivation/inspiration. I've done a number of character sheets and plot ideas but I can't feel myself drawing enough from them to do a story that long.

I thought about restarting a fanfiction I started like 2 years ago but I don't know if I could reach the goals of the story. It was based on the anime Attack on Titan but set in an alternate location. I think I had written a total of like 13,000 words before I lost the inspiration for my direction. (that was just the prologue lol)
If you want to check it out here's a link to it: Story I abandoned.

on Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:50 pm

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